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Pulmonary Disease: Have you seen this patient today?

undefinedMrs. Zaron*, age 81, has been treated for Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) for many years. Recently, she complains about escalating anxiety and shortness of breath. In the past six months, she has been taken to theemergency roomtwice for these symptoms and each of these visits was 7-10 days in duration. One of these visits nearly resulted with her needing to be vented for pulmonary support.

She frequently requires medication changes to her plan of care, she is oxygen dependent, and is becoming increasingly dependent for assistance in her ADL’s.Eating is no longer enjoyable as she is made short of breath by this simple task.

This patient’s family is exhausted and worried. Mrs. Zaron has requested theynever place her on a vent and yet when she becomes dyspnea her family feels they must respond urgently.  This patient is clearly declining; what had been a disease process that was easily controlled with medication has now consumed the patient and her family’s life with anxiety and fear.

Mrs. Zaron and her family want to spend quality time together now. Hospice services are an excellent option for this family. Dedicated care will be provided, and any concerns, symptoms, and questions can be addressed by the staff day or night. And, that will help everyone rest a little easier.

Keep Mrs. Zaron home for the holidays.


*This is a composite example. Real patient information has not been included.

Visit Home for the Holidays to learn how.

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