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Freedom is not Free

undefinedCrossroads Chaplain Ron McCullough is a champion of Veteran’s Recognition at our Kansas City location. The following is an excerpt from a speech Chaplain McCullough prepared to honor local Veterans:

The words “Freedom is not Free” are etched on the base of the Korean War Memorial in Washington, D.C.  Freedom has never been free.  This belief resonates in the hearts of our nation’s veterans.  For those who have served and are serving today, freedom has a special meaning that many will never know.  While the name of this day of remembrance has changed, its fundamental purpose remains unchanged.  Veteran’s Day is set aside to honor American’s veterans for their patriotism, their love of country, and their willingness to serve the common good.

Today, we honor our service members and remember the sacrifices they have made and the courage it took to defend our country.  We must also remember to honor their families for their support at home.

Today, we honor our American heroes, remember their achievements, their courage and their dedication, and to say thank you for their sacrifices.  We stand in the midst of patriots and the family and friends of those who have nobly served.  Thank you for answering the call to duty.  You have made our armed forces the most respected in the world.

Throughout our country, people will gather to remember, to honor, and to pay gratitude to those who have served our country.  Your presence here today, and that of the people gathering across America, is a tribute to those who have and are serving in the armed forces.  It is a way to say thank you to them and to their families.  From the soldiers who shivered and starved through the winter at Valley Forge to those patrolling the mountains of Afghanistan, we remember and honor them all.  Our nation rose to greatness on the strength of their service.  Because of their sacrifices, we are free to live, to work, to worship, and to raise our families as we please.

Americans everywhere have rediscovered a great pride in our nation’s veterans.  Because of veterans past, we are free.  Because of veterans present and future, we’ll remain free.  Join us as we honor our American heroes who are present with us today.

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