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Tribute To Officer Brad Fox

undefinedOne of our wonderful Chaplains shared this touching poem with us in dedication to K9 Officer Fox of the Plymouth township Police Department, who was tragically killed on the evening of September 14, 2012

Thea writes, “These beautiful words were written by Jenny Peery, the wife of a K9 officer killed in California. Officer Fox’s partner, Nick, was also injured when officer Fox was shot in the head last week and I am sure would have taken the bullet if he could have. Officer Fox is the first cop to be shot in Montgomery County in 20 years, and the first ever for Plymouth Township, so everyone is taking it very hard, and I thought this poem would be fitting for Crossroads Philadelphia, since we are located in Plymouth Meeting, to offer its condolences. I have a great respect for the police, being a former ER nurse. Now on the streets of Philly seeing patients every day, I know many cops who have my back. This poem hit the nail on the head when I think about the police who put their lives on the line every day and get very little recognition or respect. No one realizes the magnitude of what they do.”

There’s a reason I cried

When I heard that an officer had died

The reality hit hard in the life that we live

To a job where people are asking you to constantly give

One of the finest today paid the ultimate price

And with pride and honor made their greatest sacrifice

The public has no idea on a day to day, what you went through

And how many lives that are now touched, the killer never knew

How you sometimes went to work, with very little sleep,

Duty and honor, a vow you must keep

And like most cops you were most likely underpaid

But it’s a job you loved, the one for which you were made

To protect and serve, is how you lived your life

My heart goes out to your now widowed wife

It’s a knock on the door every officer’s spouse fears

And that’s why today my eye’s are filled with tears

Our thoughts and prayers are for the families that will be without

A father, a husband, a brother, a son who will be missed beyond doubt

Heaven called one of your finest home today

A price anyone who loves an officer hopes they will never pay

Lord, Watch over each and every unsung hero we pray

So they can be with the ones they love at the end of their day.

Rest in Peace, Officer Brad Fox, Plymouth Township PD

Job Well Done

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