Life Journals: A Patient Shares their Story

Crossroads Hospice Life Journals are a Gift of Blessings and Gratitude from a dying patient to the family she loves. The journal chronicles the history, events, and blessings of a person’s life.

Recent patient Mary Jaime jumped at the opportunity to share her life in journal as a gift to her family. She talked about her childhood, her beloved husband Joe, her family and the travels that they enjoyed.

Mary Jaime loved life! She and her husband loved to dance. Mary’s Hispanic heritage was important to her, and mariachi music and Mexican food were always on the top of her list of ways to have fun.

Mary’s life journal arrived at the Crossroads Hospice office on the morning of her memorial service. When it was delivered to Mary’s daughter, P.J., at the service, she declared the Life Journal to have “captured the special moments” of her mother.

On the last page of the journal, Mary selected a line from her favorite song as a final blessing for her family: “I’ll be seeing you in all the old familiar places. “


Martha Epling
Crossroads Hospice Corporate Volunteer Liaison

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