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Celebrating a “Papa” of Kansas City Jazz

undefinedFather’s Day is a time for us to honor our dads and celebrate their influence on our lives. We often show our appreciation through special tributes to their loving support. Crossroads Hospice recently honored a “Papa” of another kind with a remarkable gift that resulted in a night to remember for one beloved musician.

Crossroads Hospice patient and grandfather of the Kansas City jazz scene Harvey Moore, 97, studied piano at the Juilliard School in the 1930s and toured the country with his band for many years. Still known by his former stage-name, “Papa Duke,” Harvey was right at the center of birth of jazz, often playing shows at his favorite concert venue, the Blue Room in Kansas City.

In a special Gift of a Day, Crossroads Hospice arranged for Papa Duke to return to the Blue Room for a night on the town. As he jived with old friends, Papa Duke was instantly recognized by audience members, who shook his hand and paid their respects to the jazz pioneer. At one point, he even got up to the piano and tickled the ivories one last time. “I’ve come back home,” he said.

On Father’s Day, the Crossroads Hospice team will honor grandfathers, papas, dads and father figures with gifts of all shapes and sizes. After all, these are the people who inspire us each and every day, both here on Earth and in spirit. How will you celebrate Father’s Day this year?

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