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Reliving the Dancing Days

undefinedAt Crossroads Hospice, we give our patients the opportunity to make their dreams come true; to have one day that’s all their own. We call this opportunity theGift of a Dayprogram.

One patient, Glen Markel, wanted to spend his Gift of a Day reliving his dancing days, getting lost in the music and the movement, and taking the time to remember his past.

Glen spent years performing with his wife as a member of Springfield, OH’s premiere square dancing group, the Cardinal Squares. Now a Crossroads Hospice patient and resident of Eaglewood Assisted Living Village, Glen relived his memories with the group through a special performance by the current members of the Cardinal Squares.

Glen smiled and tapped his toes along to the music, picturing every move, as the Squares twirled around him to his favorite songs. Surrounded by four generations of family, tears of joy fell as he enjoyed the show.

“The Gift of a Day program brings out the best in the community, with Crossroads staff, volunteers and local groups like the Cardinal Squares coming together to create special moments for our patients,” says Peggy Richardson, Executive Director for Crossroads’ Dayton office.

“The requests are as varied as the patients we serve, challenging us to find creative ways to bring about a perfect day,” says Peggy. “The Gifts have brought smiles, tears, laughter and joy to countless terminally ill patients and their families.”

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