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Patient Takes Center Stage with Clog Dancers on “Gift of a Day”

undefinedPatricia Coffey-Rose’s childhood dream was to become a professional tap dancer. When she saw her first clogging performance, she was hooked on the combination of country music and fancy footwork. Patricia began taking lessons, and according to her niece, Donna Benjamin, was “all smiles” whenever she had the chance to put her moves to the test.

For Patricia’s ”Gift of a Day,” the 70-year-old Fairborn, OH, resident requested a performance by the Cedar City Cloggers. As they danced, Coffey-Rose couldn’t help but get up and join them for several numbers, taking center stage while Crossroads Hospice aides clapped and danced by her side.

“It warmed my heart and put a smile on my face to see Aunt Pat get up there, have fun and feel like a star,” said Donna, her niece. “This awakened her spirit. My grandchildren, and Pat’s great nieces and nephews all got to see her dance, and they don’t see her as old or sick – they just see her as Aunt Pat. We love seeing the look on her face when she talks about that day.”

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