Blog: Hospice & Palliative Care Insights - 2014

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A Team Effort: Social Workers in Hospice

When most people think of healthcare, they think of nurses and doctors, medicine and surgery. But the nature of caring for patients is far more complex. It takes a team of dedicated professionals, from clinical and administrative to service and support, to cover the full spectrum of patient care.
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Signature Programs Recognize Signature Caregiving

Idah and Grover Lytle grew up in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Their grandmothers were friends and their grandfathers were drinking buddies. They were childhood sweethearts who grew up to fall in love and start a family together. Along the way, they both served in the military. Idah was a member of the Army Nurse Corp, while Grover served in the Air Force in Germany and England. After their service, Grover became a reverend, the couple had children, and the Lytles lived abroad as missionaries. The family traveled the world until their eldest, Diane, hurt her leg while hiking in Papa New Guinea. She returned to America for treatment, moved to St. Louis, and her parents soon followed.
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Retired RN Keeps the Office Humming

Originally from Sewickley, Pennsylvania, Phyllis Cowan has volunteered for the Crossroads Hospice Cincinnati office for the past year. Married for 35 years to her wonderful husband Stephen and the mother of two daughters, Samantha and Molly, Phyllis is a retired Critical Care RN from the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati. Phyllis' background has made her an excellent medical records volunteer.
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Patient Has a Ball on Gift of a Day

On a recent Gift of a Day, hospice patient Laverta Stewart received a visit from a very colorful character. For years, Stewart lived in California and watched fondly as All-Star slugger Dusty Baker won a championship with the Los Angeles Dodgers in the early ’80s. When she began experiencing health complications, she moved to Cincinnati to be near her daughter and the two of them regularly went to Reds games, where Baker had become a manager.
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Vet-to-Vet: Hanging Your Hat on Hospice

Frank Ashinhurst shows up to volunteer with hat in hand. Not his hat, but one he’s brought with him for the Veteran he’s come to visit. “Before I visit, I find out what branch of the service they were in, and I pick up a hat from that branch for them,” he explains. Frank is part of the Crossroads Hospice Vet-to-Vet program. The program pairs a Veteran volunteer with a Veteran patient for companionship visits.
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When Hospice Care Ends, Jeanne Morrison Begins

Family members with a loved one on hospice will eventually have to deal with the grief that accompanies the end of such care. While hospice programs like Crossroads offer support services throughout a patient's’ battle with terminal illness, some of the most important support work does not come until that battle is over. After a patient’s life comes to an end, they leave behind loved ones who care about them and cherish their memory, who struggle with profound feelings of loss. At Crossroads, this is when some of the most critical services offered begin to take effect. This is when Jeanne Morrison offers her support.
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