Blog: Hospice & Palliative Care Insights - 2014

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Capturing Lasting Memories

Life is a series of moments. Bob Fox makes those moments last forever. Through his work as a volunteer photographer for Crossroads Hospice, Bob ensures that memories aren’t fleeting.
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Caring for a Pediatric Hospice Patient

For patients of every age, a hospice nurse needs to know how to prioritize, think critically and assess situations carefully. Providing emotional support and being an educator and advocate for the patient and family is also key. These are things that can be taught through studies and lessons.
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Kansas City’s Mother Hen: Val Criswell Strives For More Through Social Work

Hospice is a philosophy of care that treats the person rather than the disease, and focuses on maintaining quality of life. Social workers go beyond tending to a patient’s physical symptoms, and are committed to addressing emotional and spiritual needs as part of the care team. Val Criswell, a ten-year veteran of Crossroads Hospice and the Director of Kansas City’s Emotional Spiritual Team, is an expert in serving patients through this holistic approach with the support of her dedicated team of social workers and chaplains.
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Join A Happiness Hours Event Near You

Volunteering is good for everyone! Did you know volunteers live longer and have lower rates of depression? According to The Corporation for National and Community Service it’s true. And it’s not only good for volunteers, it’s good for our patients too through companionship and engaging in activities.

Throughout the week of April 7-11th, Crossroads will be holding Happiness Hours events to recognize its amazing volunteers; and connect with other community members interested in joining our volunteer program. Happiness Hours will feature refreshments and giveaways. All are welcome!
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Meet our 2014 Caring More Award Winners

The “Caring More” Award is presented to outstanding social workers who go above and beyond to improve lives through their work with patients and in the community. The award includes a $500 prize to the non-profit of the recipient’s choice, and a breakfast in their honor with invited colleagues, family, friends, and a distinguished panel of judges during National Social Work Month in March.
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Voices of Caregiving: A Wife’s Unforgettable Love

Like many couples, Yvonne and Charles wake up each morning and have breakfast together. But Yvonne is making sure Charles eats enough and doesn’t mix his cereal and coffee. Throughout the day she gives him the medicine he’s been prescribed to delay the development of his dementia, putting each pill in his mouth to make sure it’s taken. On the days when social workers from Crossroads Hospice visit, she runs errands while they stay with him. When she returns, Yvonne helps him eat again, and keeps up the conversation, though his responses are often very difficult to understand.

She asks Charles, her husband of nearly 60 years, if he remembers her.

“No,” he says. “I don’t know.”
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