Blog: Hospice & Palliative Care Insights - 2014

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What Is The Caring More Award?

When you think about what it takes to help an ailing patient recover, you may think of the nurse with a warm, welcoming smile, who provides round-the-clock support to patients. Or the physician, whose diagnoses and treatment recommendations we trust. Social workers are a key part of this care team – helping patients and families understand diagnoses, process major life changes such as transitioning to a new environment, and coping with issues around terminal illness, communicating end-of-life wishes, and bereavement.
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Rossister’s Country Birthday is the “Ultimate Gift”

Mary Rossister has always been a fan of country music. The soulful guitar chords, the meaningful lyricism and the celebration of America’s pastoral roots have resonated with the Marshall, MO native since she was a child. Mary still lives in the small farming community where she grew up, but is now a resident of the Mar-Saline Manor Care Center.
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Right Place at the Right Time

“I love the newspaper,” says Barbara Bowling. “I read it cover to cover every day.” That’s lucky for us, because it was in her favorite newspaper that Barbara Bowling first heard of Crossroads Hospice. “There was a blurb in the Dayton Daily that Crossroads Hospice was seeking volunteers. That got me thinking,” she recalls. “I have so much respect for hospice. I’m retired. I’ve got time. So I gave them a call.”
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Hospice is Care for the Whole Family

When families contact hospice, they anticipate the benefits their terminally ill loved one will receive by having nurses and aides provide care in their home. What many families don’t realize until they invite hospice into their lives is the level of care that is offered to their entire family. It starts with nurses and aides. The additional support means that the family isn’t in this alone. Nurses answer questions and provide instruction on how to administer medications and use medical equipment. Aides give families a break from daily routine care activities like bathing, grooming and linen changes.
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Durable Power of Attorney: A Labor of Love

It’s a simple fact of life: No one likes talking about death—especially when it means planning for the inevitable future of a beloved family member. Health care professionals avoid mentioning wills and powers of attorney for the same reasons:
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Civic-Minded Spirit Drives Volunteer

It’s no secret that some volunteer positions are flashier than others. Playing music, writing life journals, sewing quilts: These are highly-visible positions that can garner a lot of attention. Other volunteer jobs, however, are quieter. They rely on the endless determination and reliability of dedicated volunteers who will do whatever is asked of them. Whether it’s filing or answering the phones, these simple tasks are absolutely vital to the mission of Crossroads—and these volunteers are just as important.
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