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Jessica Bradshaw “Gets It All Started” on the Frontlines at Crossroads

undefinedAt Crossroads Hospice in Lenexa, Jessica Bradshaw gets the ball rolling. As a referral coordinator for the site, she is the one on the phone answering questions from prospective patients and their families and getting everything in place once they go on service with Crossroads. In many ways, she sees herself as an ambassador for the company. Her dedication to the “even more care” motto makes her exceptional as a first contact for those who deserve the right care at the right time.


Getting the Ball Rolling

For ten and a half years, Bradshaw worked as a licensed practical nurse in an Alzheimer’s unit. When one of her co-workers left to join the staff of Crossroads, she told Bradshaw to consider joining as well. Bradshaw admits she didn’t know much about Crossroads at that time.

“A resident in my unit ended up on Crossroads,” she recalls. “What I witnessed about their service and commitment really amazed me. I started referring them to my patients and families. Everyone seemed so happy at Crossroads, so I decided to venture over.”

Skip three and a half years to the present and Bradshaw is an indispensable part of the referral coordination team. Her mornings start with a report to the department heads. When a new referral comes in, her goal is to set up an assessment visit that day. More than 80 percent of patients referred to her are admitted to Crossroads, an outstanding ratio in the industry. She secures records from physicians, billing information and gets nurses assigned to new patients. Her new patient information sheets are critical for every member of the Lenexa staff.

“I get it all started at Crossroads,” she says. “My job is to take the phone call from patients or loved ones who will become part of the Crossroads family.”

The Crossroads Ambassador

In her work on the frontlines for Crossroads, Bradshaw has seen just how powerful a service hospice can be for patients. She recalls one case in particular, around Christmas of last year. When she arrived at her desk in the morning, she had a message from the niece of a patient. She called and found out the patient had just been discharged from her previous hospice because her insurance benefits expired. As she learned more, she found the patient was actively passing, something the family hadn’t been told.

Immediately, Bradshaw began assembling a comfort pack for the patient. She got a nurse to the patient within the hour to manage her symptoms. She reassured the niece that insurance wasn’t something she needed to worry about, that she should focus on her aunt’s remaining time. They had the patient on Crossroads service in a matter of hours and called her spouse and son so they could visit her before she died. Later that evening, the patient did pass, surrounded by loved ones and made as comfortable as possible by the nurse sent by Bradshaw.

“When I told the niece we would take her aunt on, she started crying,” says Bradshaw. “She said there really are miracles at Christmas, which broke my heart. The other hospice had just abandoned them but we made everything alright. We were able to give this family the support they needed.”

When it comes down to special moments like these, Bradshaw takes joy in being a representative for Crossroads. Sometimes, she doesn’t have a choice.

“If I’m wearing Crossroads gear out in public, strangers will come up to me and say thank you. That’s just so rewarding in itself. I really believe in Crossroads and what they do for their patients and families.”

As a testament to her faith in Crossroads — its people and compassionate care — she refers the service to her own family. “I’ve had three members on our service since I started here. Now that’s work.”

Honoring Our Referral Coordinators

We’re proud to honor Jessica as our Crossroads Hospice “Staff Spotlight” recipient of the month, and recognize our referral coordinators who work tirelessly to serve our patients and families each day, such as: Kris Hicks in Cincinnati, Veronica Bryant in St. Louis, Lakishna Leflore in Memphis, and Teresa Duncan in Kansas City.

For more information on Crossroads Hospice or to speak with one of our Referral Coordinators, please call 888-564-3405.

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