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Ultimate Gift Brings Patient a World of Music

undefinedBlind herself, Beatrice Pfeiffer dedicated her adult life to teaching the piano to others who cannot see. She loved to show her students that a whole world could exist through music, one that they could enjoy without seeing the instrument in front of them.

Pfeiffer’s love for the piano only got stronger with age. As the 83-year-old hospice patient’s health has deteriorated, she has found comfort and joy in keeping up with her lifelong passion. Up until only recently, she could regularly be found playing the keyboard at her Stow, Ohio long-term care facility. Unfortunately, the piano in Pfeiffer’s residence had to be moved to an area she cannot access with her wheelchair. For her ultimate gift, Crossroads staff members wanted to bring her back to the instrument she loves.

Thanks to the Gift of a Day program, Pfeiffer now has a keyboard and stand in her own room allowing her to play whenever she wants. Crossroads enlisted the help of local musician Christopher Milo to get Pfeiffer familiarized with the new instrument, guiding her hands along the keyboard until she could get her bearings by touch. In no time, she was tickling the ivory just as she always had. With this gift, Pfeiffer will never have to go another day without the beautiful sound of music.

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