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Hospice Patient Chooses A Hand in Marriage for Ultimate Gift

undefinedFred Choate met Patty Hosfield in 2009 through an online dating service. They quickly went on their first date and as Choate says, “The rest is history.”

The couple was preparing for their wedding last year when Choate’s struggle with lung cancer derailed the plans. With the couples’ focus on Choate’s health, they didn’t have time to put together the ceremony they had been dreaming about for some time. The staff at Crossroads Hospice in Kansas City saw their chance to help.

For Choate’s Gift of a Day, he wanted to marry the woman who had been by his side for years. In a small ceremony in the 55-year-old patient’s home, the couple finally wed. They were surrounded by family, friends, and a select few from Crossroads. The hospice supplied the cake, flowers, and photography. Crossroads Hospice’s Chaplain Jean Fox was the ceremony officiant.

“It was absolutely heartwarming to take part in this Gift,” said Toi Hunt, the Gift of a Day Coordinator for the Crossroads Hospice Kansas City site. “We were able to step in to help make Fred’s wish to marry his love come true.”

In the face of a terminal disease, Crossroads was able to give the Choates a moment that will last forever. It was a wedding present fit for such an incredible couple.

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