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Green Goes Red

Green Goes RedJoin Crossroads as “green goes red,” during National Heart Month, by raising awareness about end-stage heart disease. Our HeartLink program helps patients break the cycle of frequent hospital stays and worsening conditions.

Throughout the month, we’ll be raising awareness about patients with end-stage heart conditions. Patients may be experiencing cycles of worsening symptoms and frequent hospital stays, followed by slight improvements…only for the cycle to repeat itself.

Crossroads Hospice is here to help.

We’ll put our caring, compassionate team to work for patients immediately.

Physicians and Families should call Crossroads for help if the patient is experiencing:

  1. Repetitive hospitalizations (2 or more).
  2. Escalating number and severity of symptoms (calls for help at night, chest pain or shortness of breath.
  3. Increasing fatigue or decrease in physical endurance.

For additional information on how Crossroads Hospice supports those with end-stage heart disease, visit our website or call 888-564-3405.

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