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Hopping Down the Bunny Trail with Volunteers Mr. & Mrs. Doll

Dolls Hospice Volunteers EasterWe’re just like all the other hospice volunteers,Sharon Doll says.

In some ways, that’s true. Sharon and Jack Doll are part of the Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care volunteer team, also known as Ultimate Givers. They regularly visit hospice patients, engaging them in conversation and companionship.

In other ways, this couple is completely unique. Patients will see that on display this month as they hop from door to door as Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny.

“We do dress up for every holiday.” Sharon laughs. “They just love it. Before we started with Crossroads, we would visit a nursing home. Jack would dress up for their parties, and everyone had to have their pictures taken with Uncle Sam.”

The costumes started about eight years ago during Presidential campaign season. Jack was heading to a big Halloween party and decided to show off his costume to family on the way. Dressed as a woman, he knocked on the door and proceeded to ask them about their plans for the election.

Not recognizing him, they quickly sent Jack away. A few minutes later, Sharon knocked on the door to explain the joke. It had been so effective, they didn’t even answer.

After that, Jack was hooked. Over the years, the costume collection has grown to include Santa Claus, Cupid, Uncle Sam, and the Easter Bunny with Sharon in matching attire.

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Hospice Volunteer Stories

“You get so attached to them,” Sharon says about the connection they have with their patients. “My husband is the same, he just loves talking to them.  He’s 80 years old. He’s a farmer. Most of the patients we meet have lived on a farm. They get into some deep conversations sometimes.”

“You meet such special people,” she continues. “Some of them are forgotten, and you can cheer them up.”

“There’s one patient we see and whenever we get there, she says she doesn’t feel like talking, but soon she’s chatting away. When we leave, she’s calling out, ‘now you come back and see me.’ We have the best time with her. With others, I know they don’t feel well, so we just sit there and be with them.”

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Crossroads Hospice Volunteers

Crossroads is always looking for caring members of the community to volunteer their time. Our Ultimate Giver hospice volunteers can visit with patients like the Dolls, share special talents, or help out in our office. Volunteer managers are trained to match a volunteer’s skills and interests to the perfect role on our team. To learn more about volunteer opportunities with Crossroads, please call 1-888-564-3405.

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