Gift of a Day: Celebrating a Shriner

shriner gift of a day

Ralph Dye

Ralph Dye is 91 years old and he has been a Shriner for the past 40 years. He is the oldest living member of his lodge.

Ralph has had quite a distinguished history with the Shriners organization. Knowing that many sick children need to travel quite far for care, he was a member of the Flying Fez, flying ill children to hospitals out of state.

For his Gift of a Day, he wanted to go back to his the lodge and have one more evening with his Shriner brothers. It was supposed to be a regular meeting, but they pulled out all the stops, turning the evening into a dinner and celebration to honor Ralph for his years and dedication. Shriners from several surrounding lodges also came out to celebrate Ralph.

The Gift of a Day program gives patients one perfect day. For some, it is a musical performance or a special outing. For Ralph, it was one special night with his Shriner brothers.

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