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3-Year-Old on Hospice Now an Honorary NFL Cheerleader

Eagles Cheerleaders Gift of a Day

Three-year-old Lucy McCabe has been working on her somersault. The Philadelphia-area toddler is following in the footsteps of her big sister Molly. Six-year-old Molly has been a cheerleader for three years. She has already learned how to do a cartwheel and back walkover, and she enjoys showing her little sister the ropes.

lucy and molly

A typical fun-loving three year old, Lucy loves watching Molly practice with her cheerleading squad. But unlike most three year olds, Lucy has been battling pediatric cancer for the past two years.

Her family recently received the sad news there are no further treatments available for Lucy, and she began receiving care from the team at Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care.

Her family and Crossroads have vowed to make the most of every day Lucy has, and we knew we had to give Lucy a very special Gift of a Day.

The Crossroads Gift of a Day program tries to give patients a perfect day doing what they love, so this week the McCabe family headed to the NovaCare Complex, the practice facility of the Philadelphia Eagles for a big surprise.

Lucy and Molly were met at the door to the NovaCare Complex by the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders who invited the two starstruck girls inside to join their evening practice.

honorary eagles cheerleader

Once inside, the girls were made honorary Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders and were gifted with their own Eagles cheerleading uniforms. The team also presented both girls with framed posters, an Eagles medallion, and their own pom-poms. They even got to wear an official 2018 Super Bowl Championship ring.

eagles cheerleaders lucy

Then it was time to get to work. The cheerleaders gathered together with Lucy and Molly to do a cheer just for them before launching into one of Lucy’s favorite songs “Baby Shark.”

As the Eagles Cheerleaders began the serious work of getting ready for their next NFL game, little Lucy did what she loves most – waving pom-poms with her big sister and continuing to work on that somersault.


Lucy’s mom Mandy says she hopes hearing about Lucy will bring more awareness to what children with cancer go through so scientists will have the support they need to find a cure that ends pediatric cancer for everyone.

It’s something we’re all cheering for. 


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