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5 Gifts for Family Caregivers

caregiver gifts

Family caregivers step forward when a loved one needs care. It can be incredibly fulfilling to provide care to someone you love, but it can also be a lonely, anxious, and exhausting experience. Family caregivers know they should practice self-care, but sometimes they need a little reminder to actually do it.

The best things you can do for a family caregiver include helping to shoulder the load by covering for them so they can take a break or giving them a supportive ear when they need to talk. But many people want to give gifts for caregivers as a way to remind them that they are appreciated. Below are some gifts for family caregivers that do just that.

caregiver necklace

Caregiver Leaf Necklace

This lovely leaf necklace is a beautiful reminder that the caregiver is loved and appreciated. The leaf symbolizes growth, nourishment, vitality, and hope. Even if the caregiver is taking care of someone other than the gifter, they will appreciate the thought behind this gift of appreciation for all they do.

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tea of the month

Tea of the Month

Family caregivers are often told that they should take a break for a cup of tea. Even though they know they should, caregivers can find it hard to get out of the house for even a short period of time. Sips by is a tea subscription service that brings that relaxing cup of tea to them in the form of four premium teas delivered to their home each month. Monthly tea subscribers complete a tea profile so their package is tailored to their tastes and lifestyle.  

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mindful living wall calendar

Mindful Living Wall Calendar

The Mindful Living Wall Calendar by Amber Lotus reminds family caregivers to pause for a moment to center themselves and still their mind. The calendar combines tranquil images and uplifting quotes to help foster gratitude for each day. As an added bonus, Amber Lotus is committed to being a carbon-negative publisher. They offset the printing of calendars by planting trees to restore degraded land, improve soil quality, and reverse deforestation.

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salt lamp gift

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps have become a popular decoration because they serve a dual purpose of beautiful lighting and possible therapeutic benefits. The lamps are believed to emit negative ions that fight fatigue, promote better sleep, and improve mood. When turned on, they cast a warm amber glow that helps to create a calm, soothing atmosphere. It’s an easy way for a family caregiver to take care of themselves and everyone around them.

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calm app

Calm App Gift Card

The Calm app is designed to help users reduce stress and anxiety, sleep better, and boost their confidence with the help of guided meditations, relaxing music, and bedtime stories read in the soothing tones of Matthew McConaughey, LeVar Burton, or Stephen Fry. A Calm gift card offers a year of access to their content which also includes mindfulness classes, stretching exercises, and other soul-inspiring content. It’s an excellent gift for a caregiver under stress.

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Family caregivers can look like they have it all under control, but inside they can be struggling. In addition to thoughtful gifts, remind them that you care by offering to help in specific areas like walking the dog or picking up groceries so delegation doesn’t become one more chore for them to tackle.

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