Hospice Volunteering: Giving Back in the New Year

hospice volunteer giving back

Many people start a new year with the resolution to do more in their community. A lot of them don’t often think of it as an option, but volunteering with a hospice can actually be incredibly rewarding. Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities to fit the talents and interests of anyone who would like to share their time with us.

hospice volunteer companionship

Companionship Visits

The majority of our hospice volunteers choose to do companionship visits with our terminally ill patients. We can’t overstate how important these visits are to lifting the spirits of these patients. Volunteers play cards with them, read books, or just chat. This simple human connection tremendously improves quality of life.

hospice veteran volunteer

Vet-to-Vet Visits

Our Vet-to-Vet volunteer program pairs Veteran volunteers with patients who served in the military. Even though they served in different wars in different parts of the world, there is still an immediate connection that only fellow Veterans can have. Our Veteran volunteers do companionships visits and participate in our Veteran Recognition Ceremonies.

hospice life journal volunteer

Life Journals

Another unique hospice volunteer opportunity with Crossroads is working with a patient to complete a Life Journal. Our Life Journals include stories and photos from throughout the patient’s lives. They can also include recipes, jokes, and words of advice. The volunteer collects all of the photos and the patient’s story, then organizes it into a hardcover book to present to the their family.

hospice office volunteer

Office Support

For volunteers who prefer administrative work, there is always plenty to do in our offices. Office volunteers assist with bereavement mailings, putting together admissions packets, and supporting special events.

hospice pet volunteer

Pet Companion Visits

Hospice volunteers with well-behaved pets can include them in their volunteer work by doing companion visits to patients. When they visit a facility, the change in the atmosphere is immediate. Friendly dogs can always lighten the mood and bring a smile.

hospice music volunteer

Musical Performances

Volunteers who sing or play an instrument can share their talents with our patients at Gift of a Day events, companion visits, and in facility performances. As patients can often hear even when other senses have slipped away, the gift of music is a powerful one.

Do you want to volunteer more in the new year? Contact a volunteer manager at 1-888-564-3405 to be matched with a Crossroads volunteer opportunity that fits your time and talents.


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