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Words of Encouragement: 'Tis The Season!

tis the season

Memorial Day weekend marked the unofficial start of summer. Driving across the countryside last weekend I saw people rafting, barbecuing, motorcycling, and soaking up the sun. Soon there will be fireworks, vacations, and family gatherings. These are the things of summer season.

In his wisdom, King Solomon said “for every thing there is a season.” I’ve tended to focus on the ‘season” part of that phrase, but this weekend it dawned on me that seasons are marked by things. Spring things are rain, cleaning, putting away long sleeves and getting out short sleeves. Autumn things are football, raking leaves, back to school. Winter things are shoveling snow, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

We’re also in another kind of season right now. The things of COVID-19 season are social distancing, washing hands, face masks, and for some, isolation. Doing the things of each season means we are present, aware, and functioning. It is healthy to acknowledge the season we’re in.

Solomon’s wisdom also reminds us that seasons pass – weeping gives way to laughing, mourning gives way to dancing. Realizing that seasons pass is an essential coping mechanism. Be present and do the proper things of COVID-19 season and also embrace the reality that no season lasts forever. 

Rejoice in the wisdom that life keeps moving forward. Move forward with it!

Clark Smith
Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care


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