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Blog: Hospice & Palliative Care Insights - February 2023

Caregiver Guilt

Navigating Caregiver Guilt: Understanding, Coping, Healing

Providing care for a loved one can take a significant toll on a family caregiver, both physically and mentally. Despite their best efforts, caregivers often experience feelings of guilt and inadequacy, believing that they could and should be doing more. This burden of caregiver guilt only adds to the already challenging nature of caregiving, making it even more difficult to manage.
Infections Antibiotics Hospice Care

Infections in Hospice Patients: When to Treat with Antibiotics

Hospice patients are at high risk for infections due to their underlying disease, poor nutritional state, and medications like steroids. Not only is the prevalence high, but the type of infection can vary. Studies have shown that symptom control may be the best objective when making decisions to start antibiotics.
Greeting Cards

Engaging Dementia Patients: Creating Greeting Cards for Holidays

In the early stages of dementia, it is common for individuals to lose their sense of time and place. Caregivers should stay calm and upbeat, offering gentle reminders of the day and time. Large calendars that show just the current date can also be helpful. Unfortunately, this disorientation will only increase over time.
Chelsie Robert Love Story

Crossroads Patient's Love Story: Robert Shuman & Chelsie Jackson

Some of the greatest love stories are those that defy the odds. Robert Shuman and Chelsie Jackson were both born August 20, 1933 – 13 hours and 70 miles apart. In a nudge toward fate, the universe put them into the world on the same day. The chances of them being born on the same day and meeting and falling in love are next to impossible. But Robert and Chelsie spent their lives making the impossible possible.