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Blog: Hospice Views

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What is a Green Burial?

There’s a lot of talk these days about going green. We recycle more. We try to protect and preserve green spaces. When you combine these growing environmental concerns with a growing desire to include more personal touches in funeral arrangements, it is no surprise that many people are look to the option of a green burial.
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How to Help a Spouse Care for A Dying Patient

People say that when you marry someone, you marry their entire family. There’s a reason this phrase has been passed down through the generations: when you get married, you’ve got a whole new pack of people to think about and care for.
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Transporting a Body Across State Lines: How Do I Do It?

The loss of a loved one comes with an array of emotions and responsibilities. Aside from facing your own emotions and helping to support those around you, the role of finding a final resting place for the recently deceased can feel like another burden altogether.
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Can You Die from a Broken Heart?

If you ask anyone who knew them, they’ll tell you that Bill and Sharon had a very special love that carried them through their 63 years together. When Bill was diagnosed with cancer, Sharon became his primary caregiver, driving him to appointments and holding his hand through treatment. As he declined, she stayed by his side until he passed away, surrounded by family.
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A Millennial's Guide to Grief in a Digital World

For millennials, dealing with grief may be a new experience. Others know it all too well. Ranging from late teens through early thirties, millennials are old enough to clearly understand tragic events, interpret the emotions of those around them, and remember significant memories of a departed loved one. Additionally, millennials are mature enough to support and comfort friends and family members who are experiencing a loss.
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Surviving the Holidays in the Face of Grief

Everything seemed duller. The holiday lights weren’t as bright as they had been in years gone by. The holiday music didn’t seem so cheery. I had no appetite for the holiday feasts all around me. The gatherings and parties were a constant reminder that my loved one was missing.
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