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How Can I Be a Better Caregiver for my Dying Mom?

My mother is facing end-stage heart disease. It is emotionally devastating to watch her get through the day. It’s taking a toll on me. Because I’m the only person she has, I’ve stepped into a caregiving role. But honestly, I’m so overwhelmed by managing her care and medications that I rarely have a moment for myself.


How Do I Convince My Dad to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

My dad is a stubborn, 75-year old man who lives by himself. You could say he’s set in his ways. Over the past year, he has been reluctant to follow the CDC’s social distancing guidelines. He rarely wears a mask when he’s out in public. Now he’s been telling me that he “doesn’t trust” the vaccine, even though he’s eligible to receive it.


Is My Mom Safe with Crossroads During the Pandemic?

My mother is about to begin hospice care after receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis. While this is already a tough reality to face, the added stress of the pandemic has sent me into a bit of a spiral. I’m trying not to let the paranoia rule my decision-making. But with all of the news coverage, it’s hard not to worry about mother being exposed to COVID-19. I would place her in a bubble if I could.


Alone & Overwhelmed: Who Can Help Me Plan a Funeral?

My mother – who I have always considered to be my best friend – passed away this week after a long, hard battle with cancer. While I know that she is in a better place and no longer in pain, the grief has been overwhelming. As an only child, it has become my responsibility to plan her funeral. My father died a few years back and I feel utterly alone in this.


What Should I Not Say to My Grieving Best Friend?

I’m not writing to you to help with my own grief, but rather that of my best friend. Her mother has been battling cancer for a while now and has just recently passed away. Since she’s been diagnosed, my best friend has become guarded and pretty depressed. I’m worried that she will become even more depressed and closed off now that her mother is gone.

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