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Blog: Hospice Views

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Student Hospice Volunteer Makes a Connection

The mission of Wittenburg University is for students to become responsible global citizens, to discover their callings, and to lead personal, professional, and civic lives of creativity, service, compassion and integrity.
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Hospice Saves Time and Money

When a loved one has a terminal diagnosis, the last thing you want to worry about is money. Hospice can help put your mind at ease.
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Art Therapy Intern Paints A Picture of the Hospice Experience

In March 2014, Drexel University of Philadelphia asked their first year Creative Arts in Therapy and Counseling master's students to begin the process of selecting an internship for the following academic year. This is a big step for many master’s students. The process calls for self-reflection on both our strengths and our weaknesses as studying art therapists-to-be.
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Winning The CMA: How Last Year’s Recipients Care More

Since 2010, Crossroads Hospice has recognized 34 outstanding social workers with the Caring More Award. Every year, we are blown away by the nominees’ passion for serving patients and their communities. But only one nominee from a site takes home the top prize. So what does it take to win? To understand how truly incredible a nominee has to be to receive the award, look no further than these standouts from last year.
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Thunder “Gift of a Day” is a Slam Dunk

For all of the excitement they offer on the field or court, sports mean more than just the games. For Crossroads Hospice patient Tony Higgins and his son Aaron, basketball isn’t just the chance to watch three point shots and behind the back passes. It’s the chance to bond.
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