Blog: Hospice & Palliative Care Insights - 2013

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Volunteer Spotlight: Lory Martinez and Ellie

We often use superlatives when describing volunteers, such as: Great! Wonderful! The best! A god-send! The most reliable! Talented! These superlatives are an apt description of SUPER volunteer Lory Martinez. Lory has been with the Memphis team for two and a half years, and she has more than exceeded expectations.
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Dayton Green Team gives MORE

A little after midnight, Dayton Assistant Clinical Director Colleen Flaum received an email from the call center requesting a return call to the son of Catherine Smith. The son told her that he had begged and borrowed enough money to get to Dayton from Somerset, KY. His mother had passed away just a few hours prior to his arrival.
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HeartLink: When You Need Us Most

It’s 3 a.m. and you wake up feeling like you can’t breathe; the oxygen just isn’t working. You are so tired and not looking forward to another drive in the snow and a two-hour wait in the emergency room at the hospital – for the third time this month. You’re so scared, though, that you can’t breathe right, and don’t feel that you have any other choices. Crossroads Hospice can help.
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Volunteer Spotlight: Warrensburg’s Dynamic Duo

For this week’s volunteer spotlight, we head southeast of Kansas City to the comfortable confines of Warrensburg, MO. It is here that you will find the husband and wife volunteer team of Richard and Peggy Dudley. Richard and Peggy have been married for 19 years. Richard is retired after 21 years in the Army and 18 years working as a contractor, training Army personnel. Peggy retired as the financial manager of a produce company in southern California. They moved back to Warrensburg and bought the family farm. They have six kids, nine grandchildren and two adopted miniature schnauzers.
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Addressing End-Of-Life Care

Addressing the needs for hospice and end-of-life care with patients and their families is never easy. Sometimes, these conversations are impossible to begin for even the most-seasoned physician or nurse.
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