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Blog: Hospice & Palliative Care Insights - November 2013

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Community Nurse Educator Sherry White: A Compassionate Communicator

Social work and counseling were early career choices for Sherry White, but after several years caring for seniors in assisted living facilities and nursing homes, she took a cue from encouraging co-workers and pursued her passion for nursing. With the degree under her belt, Sherry began to climb the career ladder from floor nurse to director of nursing. With a knack for managing teams, Sherry was often tasked with administrative roles, but found herself searching for more.
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Community Nurse Educator Judy Waechter: A Champion Connector

Finding the Perfect Fit Judy Waechter has never settled for a job that didn’t bring her joy and challenge her to take her skills to the next level. As a nurse, she tirelessly served patients, many with extreme medical conditions such as spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. She took on exciting opportunities in management as a healthcare executive, overseeing the way facilities delivered quality care. But Judy had not yet found the right fit and continued planning her next chapter.
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Life Journals: Helping Patients Leave a Legacy

Linda Powell just joined the Crossroads volunteer team in March, but she has always been passionate about helping others. She began volunteering at hospitals near her homes—her husband’s job forced the family to relocate often—while she was a stay-at-home mom. When the Powells settled in the Kansas City area, Linda went back to work as an accountant for the City of Lenexa where she also served as a member of their United Way committee. However, when she recently retired, she knew she wanted to start a new volunteer position.
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Patient Soars on “Gift of a Day”

Something inside of James Mullins has always been tempted by the extreme. An avid thrill-seeker, the West Virginia native and Veteran has even been skydiving to quench his thirst for exhilaration. At age 84, the hospice patient’s desire to break from the mundane is as strong as ever. When Crossroads Hospice gave Mullins the chance to spend his “Gift of a Day” however he wanted, he wasn’t going to play it safe. He wanted to capture that feeling of the unknown once again.
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Planning A Successful Holiday Meal When Your Family Member Has Dementia

The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate with family and build lasting memories. However, when someone in your family is suffering Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, it can be tricky to ensure that the festivities go smoothly. As a caregiver, you already have a lot on your plate and it can be difficult to organize a holiday event that lives up to what you see on Hallmark cards and TV specials.