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Charities That Inspire Our Caring More Award Nominees

Photo Credit: Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City

The Caring More Award is designed to thank the special social workers who help others, all the time. This year, the addition of the Community Favorite Award gives you the chance to vote for your favorite nominee to receive an extra $500 donation to the non-profit that is closest to their heart and help them continue that service for others. Read about the inspiration behind these causes and then vote for your favorite.

Samantha Tabor-Tebelman, Cincinnati. One Way Farm Children’s Home

The One Way Farm Children’s Home of Fairfield, Ohio provides housing for abused, neglected and troubled children from ages six to 18, as well as the developmentally disabled to age 21.

“I want to help these children who are unable to be placed in traditional foster homes enjoy activities other kids do, like going to the movies and the zoo.”

Elisabeth Sebastian, Cincinnati. Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Cincinnati

Serving 27 counties in Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana, the Greater Cincinnati Alzheimer’s Association offers support groups, art therapy for dementia patients and a full calendar of special events.

“Working with the Alzheimer’s Association every day, I see firsthand the incredible work being done and know the work needs to continue.”

Jan Schweitzer, Cincinnati. The City Gospel Mission in Cincinnati

With the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty for Cincinnati’s homeless, The City Gospel Mission collaborates with more than 350 local churches and 2,500 volunteers to serve meals, provide shelter and offer addiction recovery and job placement programs for thousands.

“After watching the miracle of my husband’s recovery from cancer, I have a very strong faith; it’s what motivates me to serve others. I go to church every Sunday and have seen the powerful work the City Gospel does for the less fortunate.”

Jamie Woods, Cleveland. Alzheimer’s Association of Cleveland

The Cleveland Area Alzheimer’s Association serves a five-county region with services that are almost all free of charge. Among the services it offers are a 24/7 helpline, care consultations and specially guided tours of the Cleveland Museum of Art.

“I saw my grandmother struggle with the horrible disease and many of the residents in my facility have some form of dementia. I think the Alzheimer’s Association of Cleveland is a powerful choice.”

Michell Long, Cleveland. Beatitude House

The Beatitude House’s serves disadvantaged women and children through supportive housing, individual education plans for mothers and enrichment programs for children.

“As a shelter for impoverished women with children, Beatitude House helps mothers improve their family’s lives with degrees and job skills. It seeks to help them in a very holistic way.”

Lisa Van Horn, Cleveland. Alzheimer’s Association of Cleveland

The Cleveland Area Alzheimer’s Association serves a five-county region with services that are almost all free of charge. Among the services it offers are a 24/7 helpline, care consultations and specially guided tours of the Cleveland Museum of Art.

“I lost my mother to that disease and I want to help others who suffer from it.  I do a lot of fundraising and take part in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.”

Tina Harris, Dayton. The American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society supports a groundbreaking research program and 24-hour call center. The Society has seen more than 1.5 million lives saved in the U.S. in the last two decades and contributed more than $4 billion to cancer research.

“I lost both my parents to cancer and am involved with patients and families who are trying to deal with this deadly disease on every level. The American Cancer Society is dedicated in its efforts to fund research to try and find cures.”

Lisa Schreck, Dayton. Lend A Hand To A Friend

Lend A Hand To A Friend provides nutritional support to those who are going hungry in the Dayton area. It provides household living supplies and food to seniors, children and the low income and homeless populations.

“Debbie Kindred, the CEO of the organization, is full of love and passion for her mission. She truly believes in helping others and it would be a privilege to provide a donation to her non-profit.”

Shawnieka Pope, Dayton. Grace United Methodist Church in Dayton

Grace Church offers mission and volunteer opportunities that allow members to give back through organized walks, donation drives and fundraising events.

“I am a regular volunteer at the church and I can see that a donation would be put to great use there.”

Shelbe King, Kansas City. American Red Cross of Northwest Missouri

The American Red Cross has provided countless people with disaster relief, health and safety training and blood donations. In addition to extensive international service, volunteers offer support for neighbors who have suffered a disaster and give back to their communities.

“I would like a donation to go to the American Red Cross of Northwest Missouri because they are recently in my heart. My mom lost her home in a fire and recently, so did my aunt and uncle. The Red Cross was right there to help and really stepped up to the plate.”

Lori Childs, Kansas City. Clay County Senior Services

As a local leader in addressing needs and supporting seniors, Clay County Senior Services partners with local agencies to offer adult day care, home repairs, meals on wheels and other much-needed programs to its community seniors.

“Having done case management for local seniors for over 20 years, I’ve seen the need for quality programs and services. I’ve been working for clients who benefit from the Clay County Senior Services program and I want to thank them for what they do with a donation.”  

Nancy Petersen, Kansas City. Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City

The Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City offers intensive therapy, employment assistance, driving training programs and more for patients who have suffered traumatic illnesses or injuries. It also hosts fundraising events and volunteer opportunities to encourage community involvement.

“Working every day with the Rehabilitation Institute, I’ve seen everything my co-workers do to help patients overcome events that have changed their lives. I can’t imagine donating to a worthier cause.”

Laura Lee Naron, Memphis. The American Transplant Foundation

The American Transplant Foundation is the only non-profit in the country that offers financial assistance to transplant patients and donors, reimbursing them for lost wages and providing access to lifesaving medications. To reduce the list of patients waiting for a transplant, it advocates for living organ donations.

“My father was lucky enough to receive a life-saving kidney donation from my brother, but there are thousands of people who are not so lucky. The American Transplant Foundation essentially gives them the gift of life.”

Lindsay Bennett, Memphis. The Pink Wig

The Pink Wig is on a mission to make cancer treatment clinics more patient-centric. By working to raise funds for The West Clinic in Memphis, it seeks to give patients as dignified and comfortable an experience as possible. It also provides wigs to cancer survivors at no charge.

“The Pink Wig was started by my sister-in-law, a survivor whose cancer has recently returned. I can think of no one more deserving of this donation than her, an amazingly strong woman who is the epitome of a survivor.”

Regina Baker, Memphis. Hope House of Memphis

The Hope House addresses the educational, social, psychological and health needs of HIV-impacted children and their families. It offers childhood education, play therapy and mentoring, in addition to providing financial assistance and case management.

“I was inspired to get into social work because I love helping people, and that’s what I see from Hope House. By providing services to children with HIV-positive parents, they help one of the most underserved populations there is.”

Just like our nominees, these charitable organizations are working everyday to care more for their communities. To learn more about the nominees and vote for your favorite, visit our Voting Panel on Facebook.

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