Blog: Hospice & Palliative Care Insights - 2017

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Truths of Veteran Care: What to Expect and How to Help

Often times loved ones of American service members may find themselves asking, “What more can I do for my Veteran?” To answer this, we might assume what they want is added family gatherings, exciting activities, their favorite meals, gifts, or other simple ways of saying “thanks.” While these, at times, are an excellent way to make your Veteran feel appreciated and more at home, another family gathering isn't always exactly what your Veteran needs.
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2017 Veteran's Day Events

Every year, we partner with local facilities and organizations in the week leading up to Veteran's Day to recognize Veterans in our community. Here are just a few of the places we'll be celebrating our Veterans this week.
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What is the Day of the Dead?

Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, is a traditional Mexican custom celebrated on November 1st and 2nd each year, honoring deceased loved ones. It is believed that the gates of heaven temporarily open at midnight on October 31st, allowing the spirits of deceased children and adults to reunite with their families for a brief visit.
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Finding Meaning at End of Life

Regardless of an individual’s religious background, it is natural to take stock as you approach end of life. Spiritual concerns take on even greater significance, which is why chaplains are an essential part of the Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care team. Addressing spirituality at end of life is an important piece of the whole-person-care, team-based approach of hospice, which includes treating the patient’s physical, psychosocial, emotional, and spiritual needs.
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Supporting a Child with Autism in Their Grief

As the name of the developmental disorder indicates, children with an autism spectrum disorder are diverse and unique; they are similar to and different from children without autism and with each other. Autism covers a wide spectrum of symptoms, behaviors, and functioning levels. Now add to the uniqueness of autism, the uniqueness of grief – specifically grief over the loss of a loved one.
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