Blog: Hospice & Palliative Care Insights - 2017

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When is it Time for Extra Care?

Caring for a loved one can be an exhausting responsibility. For grown children, caring for an elderly parent is often an emotional as well as a physical trial.
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Navigating Family Disagreements on Goals of Care

In a perfect world, every patient would have clearly laid out wishes for their end-of-life care. These would be spelled out in advance directives and faithfully advocated for by their family. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Some patients do not complete an advance directive – and whether they have or not, many times family members disagree about the best course of action.
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Body Donation After Death: What You Need To Know

Organ donation has become a well-known practice, and many families find it comforting to know that their loved one’s organs are helping another person live. Body donation after death is less frequently discussed, but the benefits to the scientific and medical research community can be just as substantial.
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Monster Wreath: Activities for Dementia Patients

One of the most important things you can give a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other dementia is a sense of stability and routine. Halloween can present unique challenges to that routine, but good preparation can help you navigate the obstacles.
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Meeting Veterans’ Spiritual Needs at End of Life

For our military Veterans, their time in combat may have had a profound impact on their spirituality. Many Veterans are able to push aside these feelings for years, but as they approach end of life, the feelings of spiritual distress return.
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Family Medical Leave Act: Answering Questions about FMLA

The stress of caring for a loved one with a serious illness is challenging enough, but that stress is intensified when you have to worry about taking time off from work. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) can help by providing unpaid, job-protected leave if you need to care for a parent, spouse, or child. We understand the value of this time and can help to answer some of the most common FMLA questions.
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