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Blog: Hospice & Palliative Care Insights - July 2022

Dementia Wandering

How to Prevent Dementia Wandering

One of the biggest worries families caring for a loved one with dementia face is the risk of wandering. It is unfortunately very common and can happen at any time in the disease progression – even if they’ve never done it before.
Hospice Inters

Become a Hospice Intern

Internships are an important part of the process of gaining real hands-on experience while also accruing college credit. Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care offers a number of ways for students to enhance their college experience as hospice interns.
Phillies Gift Of A Day

Phillies Gift of a Day Hits a Homerun

James Lane was born into a family of sports lovers. His cousin played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the men in his family, tall across the board, gravitated to athletics. Though he played catcher at both La Salle College High School and Villanova University, his admiration for baseball—particularly his home team, the Philadelphia Phillies—began way before.
Allergy Psuedoallergy

Opioids: Allergy vs Pseudoallergy

When caring for patients, it’s common to hear a patient say they can’t take a certain medication because they are “allergic.” However, when dealing with opioids, it’s especially important to differentiate between a “true allergy” and a “pseudoallergy” to ensure the patient receives the best match for their pain needs.