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Open Letter to Ohio Governor Dewine

When you issued Ohio Executive Order 2020-01D on Monday, March 9 declaring a State of Emergency in your state “due to the circumstances presented by COVID-19,” we weren’t surprised. But when state Director of Health, Amy Acton, MD, MPH, issued a Variance to and Waiver from Certain Hospice Care Program Licensing Requirements (Variance) a month later, we were extremely concerned about how long-term care facility operators might interpret two implications in the Variance.
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20 Years of Crossroads Hospice Employees Doing More

Earlier this month we celebrated Labor Day, when we recognize the contributions of workers to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our communities. For 20 years, Crossroads Hospice employees have provided compassionate care to patients at end-of-life. Across Crossroad Hospice’s footprint—in 11 regions and seven states—1,900 of our staff members cared for 11,996 patients and their families in 2014, providing 1,163,864 hours of care. Those are big numbers. But it comes down to one patient, and one Crossroads professional at a time.
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Crossroads Hospice Anniversary: Getting Better with Age

On September 1, 1995, Crossroads Hospice began auspiciously in the living room of a small house. It was there that my family and I decided that we would enter the hospice industry. When I think back to how we began, the people involved and combined experience of zero hours (in hospice or palliative care), it’s truly amazing to see what we have become as we reach the milestone of our 20th anniversary.