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Why Sooner Is Better for Patients Needing Hospice

Hospice care delivers many benefits to terminally ill patients and their families, helping people manage the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of end-of-life planning. Unfortunately many patients are referred to hospice service late in the disease process. Some are referred so late they cannot fully realize the full positive impact hospice is known to have on physical and emotional comfort and overall quality of life.
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Pets and the Elderly: Lowering Stress and Delivering Smiles

Animals play an important role in many people’s lives.

According to the American Pet Products Association, more than 71 million American households have a pet, and most people think of their pets as members of the family.

Some studies have found that people who have a pet have healthier hearts, stay home sick less often, make fewer visits to the doctor, get more exercise, and are less depressed. Aside from their important therapeutic roles in helping the elderly, animals are also valued as companions, which can certainly affect the quality of our lives thus, being beneficial to our health.
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A Flag Flown High For D-Day Veteran’s “Gift of a Day”

During June 6, 1944, better known as “D-Day,” Joseph Zigovits was a Chief Yeoman for the United States Navy. Typing direct orders from famed admirals John E. Wilkes and Don P. Moon for an entire fleet, Zigovits proudly remembers serving his country during the Battle of Normandy and throughout World War II.
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Eager Pooch Lifts Patient Spirits

“Please let it be me,” Buster’s expressive eyes say when his owner, Seddie Barber, pulls out the yellow vest. The appearance of the vest means that one of Seddie’s therapy dogs is going to be heading out to volunteer that day and each hopes it’s their day.
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None of Us are Getting Out Alive: The Case for Hospice Care

Let’s face it: We all have certain conversations we want to avoid. You know what we’re talking about: those awkward topics that could come up at home, work, school or when we’re out with friends. Things like being honest when a friend asks if they’ve gained weight (and they have); or when your boss has an idea that he just will not let go (and it’s terrible); or acting like everything’s fine and dandy around a patient who’s incredibly sick and getting treatment (but it’s not working).