Blog: Hospice & Palliative Care Insights

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Car Show Gift of a Day Revs Patient’s Engine

Hospice patient Frank Evans is a U.S. Navy veteran, retired Post Office supervisor, influential community leader—and above all, a life-long car lover. After a lifetime commitment of service to community and country, it was time for the 72-year-old motor head to receive the ultimate gift.
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When to Designate a Power of Attorney

It can be hard to know when to designate a Power of Attorney. There are many people who believe that the execution of a Power of Attorney is something that can and should wait until it is “needed.” This is a misconception.
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Why Didn’t You Refer Your Patient to Hospice?: What Doctors Need to Know Before Avoiding the “H” Word

Many healthcare workers fail to realize that a hospice recommendation does not desert the patient. Despite years of education and experience, doctors still do not know the truth about hospice. While everyone has heard the adage “death is a part of life,” we reject the idea of a terminal illness until it becomes “real.” This common, natural response tends to prolong an unfortunate process to death. All too often, it prevents patients from receiving hospice care in time.
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A Nurse’s Perspective: Is It Too Early for Hospice?

The time comes when all of us must face death. It may come quickly and unexpectedly. Or it could come as a diagnosis of a terminal illness, giving us more time to consider and process end-of-life care.

Many people have the misconception that hospice is only for the actively dying and that choosing hospice means giving up hope. Maybe they are afraid to let go because then it means it could happen to them. Maybe they are afraid that choosing comfort care only can mean choosing death.