Blog: Hospice & Palliative Care Insights

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Hospice in Ohio: Resources & Information

Ohio residents considering hospice care for a family member or other loved ones should consider a range of options when making their decision. Learn more about Ohio hospice resources and information below.
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As Seen on TV: Palliative & Hospice Care in Pop Culture

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, ER, or Law and Order, chances are you’ve seen a fictional character face death. Despite the fact that our culture tends to shy away from talking about and accepting death, death and dying are commonly explored concepts in many TV shows and films.
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Pilgrim Hat Place Card: Activities for Dementia Patients

Thanksgiving is a cherished holiday because of its focus on family and tradition. When someone in your family is coping with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, it’s important to plan ahead so you can have a holiday gathering that meets your loved one’s needs.
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Is Hospice Only for Cancer Patients?

One of the enduring myths and a question we frequently hear is: “Is hospice only for cancer patients?” The short answer is: No, hospice is not just for cancer patients. Hospice care is beneficial to anyone diagnosed by their physician with a serious illness and six months or less to live if their illness follows the typical path.