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After Death: What Happens Next?

Even when a death is expected, it can be difficult to prepare for the actual moment of death. Our role at Crossroads Hospice is to support the family through this time. "It's our privilege to care for these patients and their families, and each one is unique," says Daniela O'Neil, Crossroads Hospice Assistant Clinical Director. "We honor their wishes and go by what they need."
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Caring More Award Spotlight: Kiwi Popyk

At Crossroads Hospice, we know social workers have superpowers. They are fantastically flexible, immediately intuitive, prodigious problem solvers and terrifically tenacious, never letting go until they’ve found a solution.
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Caring More Award Spotlight: Katie Carter in Memphis

Social workers are a dedicated lot. At Crossroads Hospice, we see that every day both in our own social workers and in the many social workers we come into contact with at hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and in our patients’ homes. They are the doers and the fixers; the connectors that make care go more smoothly, help families connect and focus on the big picture of a patient’s life while executing on the details.
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Easter Bonnets: A Craft for Dementia Patients

Celebrated in the song by Irving Berlin, the Easter bonnet is part of the tradition of wearing new clothes at Easter. During hard economic times like the Great Depression, a new Easter bonnet was a luxury for families who were struggling.
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What is a Home Funeral?

When many of us think of a home funeral, we picture the traditional Irish Wake where the deceased is laid out in a room in their home, and family gathers to celebrate their life. In the U.S., this old tradition of home funerals is regaining popularity.