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Compassionate Hospice & Palliative Care in Missouri

Compassionate Hospice & Palliative Care in Missouri

Families across Missouri trust Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care for guidance, support and great care during the challenging time at the end of a loved one’s life. Our seasoned and always empathetic team works directly with patients and their families to ensure the highest quality of life possible for the remaining time together.

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Hospice and palliative care services available to Missouri residents.

With several offices across Kansas City and St. Louis, Crossroads is able to serve patients wherever they’re living right now — be it in a house or apartment, a nursing home, or even a hospital room.

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The right time for hospice care?

We often hear from our Missouri-area hospice families that they wish they’d contacted us for hospice sooner. It’s important to realize that hospice is not giving up. It's about fully embracing the time that’s left by making the patient and their family more comfortable and able to focus more on appreciating each other’s company.

Reasons to consider hospice now, versus waiting until the final days:

  • Care from all angles: While managing pain and discomfort is a vital aspect of hospice care, Crossroads also provides invaluable emotional and spiritual support.
  • Support for the family as well: Crossroads Hospice in Missouri goes beyond the patient, to also provide emotional support and grief counseling for the family. We are also there to answer any questions and help with any decisions.
  • Improved quality time: The most important benefit of hospice care is that the patient gets to be in their own home, with treatment for their pain and discomfort, able to have better quality time with their family.

The right time for palliative care?

Palliative care differs from hospice in that it’s not limited to end-of-life situations. Palliative care is in fact suitable for anyone of any age who happen to have a long-term illness.

Here's how palliative care can improve daily life:

  • Managing the effects of chronic conditions like heart disease, cancer, and ALS
  • Alleviating treatment side-effects, such as chemotherapy-induced nausea
  • Complementing curative treatments with a focus on quality of life — meaning palliative keeps you comfortable while doctors work toward a cure

Is Crossroads the right choice for Missouri hospice or palliative care?

Crossroads is a nationally respected provider of hospice and palliative care, with offices across the United States in addition to Missouri. A national reach with a local approach allows us to be adapt what works best around the country to what is right for our Missouri neighbors.

We will care for your loved one with respect and dignity. We care more, and it shows.


Grief recovery program.

Crossroads’ Missouri hospice services include grief recovery, which has been a source of solace for many in the area. For more information about this program or other inquiries, please use the green contact bar above or read more information.