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Compassionate Hospice & Palliative Care in the State of Oklahoma

Compassionate Hospice & Palliative Care in the State of Oklahoma

When families throughout Oklahoma need to navigate the difficult stage of a loved one’s end of life, they rely on the steadfast support of Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care Oklahoma. Our experienced caregiving professionals have made it their life’s work to help families make the most of the time that’s left together.

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Hospice and palliative care services available to Oklahoma residents.

Our offices in Oklahoma City serve patients as far as we can travel, including in Edmond, Norman, and the surrounding areas. That’s because Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care Oklahoma is not an in-patient facility. Instead, we provide hospice services wherever the patient calls home — be it their house or apartment, a nursing home, or even a hospital room.

Oklahoma City Area

The Crossroads Oklahoma hospice service area includes:

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Why is now the right time to choose hospice?

It’s extremely common for our families to tell us they wish they’d called hospice sooner. That’s because as soon as a doctor says there is no more opportunity for treatment, hospice can start providing benefits. It keeps the patient more comfortable and in less pain, which allows them to be more present while spending their remaining time with family. There is no reason loved ones should suffer more than needed.

Here are a few ways Crossroads hospice services help Oklahoma residents:

  • Full spectrum care: In addition to managing pain, hospice care also provides critical emotional and spiritual support.
  • Including the family: While hospice will of course support the physical and mental well-being of the patient, Crossroads Oklahoma also provides emotional support and grief counseling for the family.
  • More and better time together: Less late-night hospital visits. Less fights due to anger and fear. With hospice professionals helping manage the pain, discomfort, and worry, families can spend this important time together, better.

Why is now the right time to choose palliative care?

Unlike hospice, palliative care is not strictly for the end of life. Anyone of any age who is suffering with a long-term illness can benefit from palliative care. For example:

  • Experiencing negative effects of chronic conditions such as cancer or heart disease?
  • Facing uncomfortable side-effects of treatments from treatment, like nausea during chemotherapy?

Palliative care can help with this — now. While doctors continue to work on treatment.

Why Choose Crossroads Oklahoma for your hospice or palliative care?

Crossroads is here for you, always. More locations, more visits, more care. It’s why we’re one of the most respected hospice and palliative care providers in the country.

Here in Oklahoma, we care more, and it shows.

Grief recovery meeting

Grief recovery program.

Crossroads Oklahoma has a hospice grief recovery program that has helped many local families. If you’d like more information about this program, or have additional questions on any aspect of hospice or palliative care, please choose an option from the green bar above or read more information.