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96-year-old woman battling terminal illness soars to new heights, completes lifelong goal

Fox 4 Kansas City

SEDALIA, Mo. -- On the day that a woman battling a terminal illness gave up her apartment to move into hospice care, her final wish on her bucket list was granted.

FOX 4 had the opportunity to follow 96-year-old Reta Warren as she cast all her fears aside and climbed into the basket of a hot air balloon for a journey she'll never forget.

Warren said she has always dreamed of going for a hot air balloon ride.

“I’d say someday I’m going to ride in one of those” she told FOX 4.

While up in the sky, flying over Sedalia she said she loved seeing her home from a new perspective.

"Everything was so pretty," she said with her son and daughter sitting nearby.

Crossroads Hospice and Central Bank of Sedalia helped grant this wish.