Patient Referral

Blog: Hospice & Palliative Care Insights - August 2014


Jessica Bradshaw “Gets It All Started” on the Frontlines at Crossroads

At Crossroads Hospice in Lenexa, Jessica Bradshaw gets the ball rolling. As a referral coordinator for the site, she is the one on the phone answering questions from prospective patients and their families and getting everything in place once they go on service with Crossroads. In many ways, she sees herself as an ambassador for the company. Her dedication to the “even more care” motto makes her exceptional as a first contact for those who deserve the right care at the right time.
Santa-Delivers Recognition.png

‘Santa’ Delivers the Gift of Recognition

When kids see him and his distinctive white beard, they call him “Santa.” It’s a name that fits even when it's trimmed short for summer. Although Ed Webb is more likely to arrive by car than a reindeer-driven sleigh, he brings a Santa-like generosity as a volunteer in the Crossroads Hospice Veteran Recognition program.

Home Is Where the Heart (And the Peach Ice Cream) Is…

It’s been decades since Crossroads Hospice patient and Beavercreek, Ohio resident Jeanne Andrews has gotten all of her kids in one room. With jobs and families of their own that have them living as far away as Texas and Delaware, Andrews’ children haven’t been able to coordinate a family reunion with their mother in more than 40 years.

One Smile at a Time

At Crossroads Hospice, we are all about creating the best possible experience for our patients, and our volunteering program is an important part of that. Our volunteers turn their time into meaningful, fulfilling moments by spending time with patients, sharing their talents, working on special projects, or helping out around the office. The more you smile, the better you feel because smiling boosts your immune system and releases endorphins and serotonin. We created “The Happiness Project,” a yearlong initiative, to create as many smiles for our patients as possible!

Test Your Summer Safety Smarts

You wouldn’t know it by looking around you — back-to-school shopping has peaked and the summer clearance sales ended to make room for Christmas merchandise — but it’s only the seventh week of summer. With six weeks to go until fall, we aren’t even halfway. Despite the relatively cool and dry summer we are experiencing around the country, we want to be smart and be safe. Take this short quiz to test your summer safety smarts.