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Blog: Hospice & Palliative Care Insights - May 2022

Life After Loss

Learning to Live After Loss

The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences we can face. Whether expected or unexpected, young or old, there is a disorientation that comes with living in a world without this person who meant so much to you.
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The Dangers of Doing Too Much, Too Late

It can be difficult to accept that a serious illness has become a terminal illness. This is true regardless of age or symptoms or disease. This can be true if the illness has only recently been diagnosed or if it’s been a chronic condition.
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Craft Kits: Activities for Dementia Patients

When you are caring for a loved one with dementia, there can be a lot of challenges juggling their care with the rest of your life. Finding ways to engage with your loved one doesn't need to be one of those challenges.
Benefits Of Hospice Care

The Benefits of Hospice Care

When facing a serious illness, there may come a time when treatments are no longer working or you or your loved one may decide to change treatment goals from curative to managing symptoms and focusing on the people and things that matter most. This is when the benefits of hospice care can help.