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What Song Will Be Played at My Funeral?

While it may be difficult to think about your own death, planning your funeral is an incredible gift to you and your loved ones. You’re able to choose the exact service you’d like, while your friends and family are relieved of making difficult funeral decisions in an emotionally stressful time. Each part of your funeral – from the type of service to the music played – can be selected in advance and personalized according to your wishes.
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The Importance of Forgiveness at End of Life

“Apologize to your sister!” We can all remember this type of instruction from our childhood. You offer up a mumbled apology, share a quick hug, and then play resumes. Parents use these moments to teach the rituals of forgiveness. It often goes smoothly because the infractions of children are small – with no lasting impact.
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4 Ways Chaplains Enhance the End-of-Life Experience

Chaplains provide tremendous spiritual and emotional support to both patients and families as they come to terms with their diagnoses and end-of-life experiences. Contrary to what some may believe, the duties of the chaplain go far beyond simply joining patients in prayer.
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A Devotion for Family Caregivers

Restrictions due to the pandemic continue to isolate family members from one another. As I make calls to our patients’ families, I hear in your voices the anguish that this separation causes. From my heart to yours, I assure you that I ache for the time you are losing with someone who means so much to you. By way of a bittersweet blessing, I want to share a thought with you today.
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Journaling Provides a Legacy Through Self Discovery

Journaling is increasing in popularity. “It has become a hallmark of the so-called self-care movement, right up there with meditation,” Hayley Phelan wrote in a New York Times article in 2018. “Scientific studies have shown it to be essentially a panacea for modern life... with benefits like boosting mindfulness, memory and communications skills.”
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