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Caring At Your Fingertips: 5 Hospice Caregiver Support Apps to Consider

Healthcare can be a tricky business. Somewhere between appointments and prescriptions, information seems to get lost, and caregivers know that very well. Organization helps, but neatly stacked notes often get shuffled into a pile of confusion. Here’s a hospice caregiver tip: now that we’re in the digital age, there’s an app for everything. The question is, are these apps actually useful? Dedicated to you and your loved ones online and offline, Crossroads Hospice reviewed and rated these five popular caregiving apps for caregivers.
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Patient Hits The Open Road on Gift of a Day

Crossroads Hospice patient Lonnie Roach misses the sounds of an engine and the smell of diesel fuel. The Dayton native spent 26 years driving a chemical tank truck, developing a love for the open road and the feeling he got behind the wheel. It’s been years since the 65-year-old has been in the cab of an 18-wheeler and his Crossroads Hospice care team saw this as their chance to make a perfect hospice patient story come to life.
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The 7 Commandments of Spiritual Care

Every life is filled with blessings and hardships, love and loss, goals achieved and expectations left unfulfilled. Throughout a patient’s decline, the role of the chaplain is to help the terminally ill reach a place of gratitude for a life well lived. At Crossroads Hospice, chaplains provide emotional comfort and spiritual care to our patients. Chaplains also offer grief support to patients’ families, who are coping with the reality of losing their loved one. Built on a relationship of trust and respect, the following are the guidelines I use when providing end-of-life spiritual care.
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Crossroads Hospice's Role in Today's Supreme Court Case

For Jim and John, loving each other was never a struggle, and certainly not a social statement. It was just who they were. They met in the city where they made their home together for more than two decades, and in their minds, Jim says, “we’d always been married.”