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Blog: Hospice Views

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Volunteer Spotlight: An Olympic-sized Heart

Memphis is known for great things like Elvis, BBQ and the Blues. When we talk about Memphis at Crossroads Hospice, we add one more great thing to that list: The Annual Nursing Home Olympics. The Nursing Home Olympics invites residents from dozens of area facilities to compete in a variety of fitness events.
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Three Resolutions for Healthcare Professionals in 2015

As a healthcare professional, the best, most compassionate support we can give to families who are losing a loved one is to provide them with honest information and options -- as early as possible. That way, they’re as prepared for the loss of a loved one as they are when they welcome new life. For 2015, we have three resolutions for healthcare professionals that can do just that.
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Volunteer Spotlight: Get on board the Volunteer Train

For 13 years, Tracey Dawson worked as a train dispatcher for Amtrak. She helped make the connections that kept the trains running on time. Now, she makes a different type of connection as a volunteer for Crossroads Hospice in Philadelphia, PA.
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Starting a Family Discussion About Hospice

Even when we know a loved one is very sick, it can be hard to accept a terminal diagnosis. As your family negotiates their role as caregivers, communication is key to keeping everyone on the same page.