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Look Up! Crossroads Patient Soars on “Gift of a Day”

Fred Marschel never felt more alive than when he was soaring through the air in his plane....To give Marschel the “Gift of a Day,” his care team in Kansas City worked closely with his daughter and pilot friends at the Lee’s Summit Airport to arrange a private flight over his hometown.
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Working as a Team: The Primary Care Physician and the Hospice Plan of Care

As our company prepares to transition to a new electronic medical records system, I was reviewing our care plan format with the developers and became a bit nostalgic. I remembered back (way back) in nursing school, sitting for hours and hours at my kitchen table, with a cup of hot coffee, sheets of legal-size paper, a pencil sharpener and a box of colored pencils. I was developing a “masterpiece” care plan (or so I thought) only to have my nursing instructor destroy it because I failed to comprehensively include the primary care physician (PCP) in the planning.
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Volunteer Spotlight: An Olympic-sized Heart

Memphis is known for great things like Elvis, BBQ and the Blues. When we talk about Memphis at Crossroads Hospice, we add one more great thing to that list: The Annual Nursing Home Olympics. The Nursing Home Olympics invites residents from dozens of area facilities to compete in a variety of fitness events.
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Three Resolutions for Healthcare Professionals in 2015

As a healthcare professional, the best, most compassionate support we can give to families who are losing a loved one is to provide them with honest information and options -- as early as possible. That way, they’re as prepared for the loss of a loved one as they are when they welcome new life. For 2015, we have three resolutions for healthcare professionals that can do just that.