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Blog: Hospice Views

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Eager Pooch Lifts Patient Spirits

“Please let it be me,” Buster’s expressive eyes say when his owner, Seddie Barber, pulls out the yellow vest. The appearance of the vest means that one of Seddie’s therapy dogs is going to be heading out to volunteer that day and each hopes it’s their day.
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None of Us are Getting Out Alive: The Case for Hospice Care

Let’s face it: We all have certain conversations we want to avoid. You know what we’re talking about: those awkward topics that could come up at home, work, school or when we’re out with friends. Things like being honest when a friend asks if they’ve gained weight (and they have); or when your boss has an idea that he just will not let go (and it’s terrible); or acting like everything’s fine and dandy around a patient who’s incredibly sick and getting treatment (but it’s not working).
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Hospice Patient Chooses A Hand in Marriage for Ultimate Gift

Fred Choate met Patty Hosfield in 2009 through an online dating service. They quickly went on their first date and as Choate says, “The rest is history.” The couple was preparing for their wedding last year when Choate’s struggle with lung cancer derailed the plans. With the couples’ focus on Choate’s health, they didn’t have time to put together the ceremony they had been dreaming about for some time. The staff at Crossroads Hospice in Kansas City saw their chance to help.
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Jessica Bradshaw “Gets It All Started” on the Frontlines at Crossroads

At Crossroads Hospice in Lenexa, Jessica Bradshaw gets the ball rolling. As a referral coordinator for the site, she is the one on the phone answering questions from prospective patients and their families and getting everything in place once they go on service with Crossroads. In many ways, she sees herself as an ambassador for the company. Her dedication to the “even more care” motto makes her exceptional as a first contact for those who deserve the right care at the right time.
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‘Santa’ Delivers the Gift of Recognition

When kids see him and his distinctive white beard, they call him “Santa.” It’s a name that fits even when it's trimmed short for summer. Although Ed Webb is more likely to arrive by car than a reindeer-driven sleigh, he brings a Santa-like generosity as a volunteer in the Crossroads Hospice Veteran Recognition program.