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Blog: Hospice Views

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Oklahoma Hospice Resources and Information

If you’re in Oklahoma and exploring hospice care for a family member or loved one, you should be ready to explore a range of options as you go through the process. Read more below to learn about Oklahoma hospice resources and information.
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Hats Off to a Crossroads Hospice Fashion Show

Some of the grandest ladies in Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care’s Cleveland service region were the focus of attention recently – as part of a spring fashion show – an ultimate gift for patients and residents at Villa St. Joseph in Garfield Heights, OH.
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Palliative Care: How Long Left to Live?

When you hear that a loved one or even a public figure is receiving palliative care, it’s natural to wonder how long they have left to live. Is it days? Weeks? Months? While doctors can give estimates, everyone’s experience is different and the actual number can vary greatly. However, those estimates help to determine if an individual is eligible to receive palliative or hospice care.
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New Tools for Patients with ALS

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – more commonly known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease – is a disease in the nervous system that both weakens the muscles and impacts voluntary physical functions such as walking, talking, and even chewing.
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Managing Pruritus or Itchy Skin at End of Life

Pruritus – or itchy skin – can be an annoying condition for a healthy individual, but pruritus at end of life can have a powerfully negative effect on a patient’s quality of life. In addition to the physical discomfort, patients may experience sleep disruption, anxiety, and depression due to the frustration of not being able to calm their pruritus.