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Crossroads Celebrates V-Day!

Today marks the kick-off of many of Crossroads Hospice’s “V-Day” celebrations. In the spirit of National Volunteer Week, we’re honoring our volunteers for their dedication to patients and families and inviting community members to learn more about getting involved.
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Picture this: after receiving a variety of cancer treatments, one day when you visit your doctor, you’re told that you’re not eligible for any more treatment for your cancer. But, you still have things you want to do; you don’t want to lie in bed, in pain, waiting to feel worse. You want to play with your grandchildren, golf or maybe keep a journal to share with your loved ones. The Crossroads Hospice CancerLink program can help. Emotional and spiritual support from team members, physicians, nurse practitioners and volunteers are available to you.
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What’s V-Day?

I wasn’t alive during the Victory days that ended World War II, but I heard the stories from my Grandparents and certainly have been moved by the old photographs. What the greatest generation gave to us through their bravery, hard work and determination shaped the world for generations to come — and perhaps for all time.
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Healthcare Decisions Day

National Healthcare Decisions Day is on April 16, the day after Tax Day. This is an important day that has been set aside to encourage people to ask themselves the question, “Who will speak for me if I cannot speak for myself?”
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Coping After a Public Tragedy

One of the most debilitating intrusions in our lives today is an unexpected national or global disaster. Whether caused by nature or perpetrated by people, these uninvited and unexpected crises leave innocent people in their wake emotionally overwhelmed or physically handicapped.