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Blog: Hospice Views

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Five Thoughtful Gifts For Family Caregivers

Caregivers come in all shapes and sizes. They might be a son or daughter caring for an aging parent. They might be a spouse nursing their partner through a challenging illness. They could be a mother or father caring for a sick child. They could even be a devoted friend.
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4 Ways To Handle Dietary Restrictions And The Holidays

Whether it's a food allergy, a medical condition or simply a personal preference, it can be a challenge to navigate dietary restrictions and holidays meals for guests and hosts alike. Everyone wants to enjoy the holiday festivities, and you can with a little consideration and pre-planning on both sides.
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‘Tis the Season: How to Make a Last Holiday Meaningful

“There’s no place like home for the holidays.” One would be hard pressed to find something truer said. Regardless of background, this time of year is typically best spent gathering with loved ones, appreciating each other’s company and generally spreading a positive spirit amongst yourself and those around you.
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Coping with Grief and the Holidays

When you’ve suffered a major loss, the joyful holiday season with its focus on family traditions can be a stark reminder of the person you have lost. It is important to let go of the idea of perfectionism and be kind to yourself and others who may be coping with grief and the holidays. Honor your feelings and find new ways to include the person you have lost in your celebrations.