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Police K-9 Units Give Hospice Patient a Perfect Day

Crossroads Hospice patient Larry Walker has loved German Shepherds ever since he was a little boy and had one of his own for a pet. As Larry grew up, he came to admire them even more because of the way police K-9 units were able to train them to assist in police work – capturing and restraining perpetrators, sniffing out narcotics, protecting their human colleagues and citizens from violent attacks, and more.
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What Can Recent Celebrity Deaths Teach Us?

With the fresh smell of 2017 looming, it’s not uncommon to reflect upon the kind of legacy the year prior has left behind. For one thing, American society lost a number of its beloved celebrities – people who touched hearts with both their lives and their art. It was one of the most prolific years in recent memory for celebrity deaths; with people like Prince, David Bowie, and Muhammad Ali all passing on.
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Ending Life Support: How Do You Know When It's Time?

When should life support be discontinued, honoring a patient’s right to refuse medical intervention? That’s the million-dollar question. Unfortunately, determining when to educate the patient or caregiver on when to say enough is enough and subsequently exercise this right remains an agonizing part of being a healthcare professional.
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Take Me Out to FanFest

Jim Robbins has been a lifelong Kansas City Royals fan and attended the 1985 World Series Parade, so we knew his Gift of a Day would involve the team.
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Does palliative care mean a person is dying?

When hearing that someone is receiving palliative care, the first question people often ask themselves is “does palliative care mean a person is dying?” For many years people have spoken about hospice care and palliative care as though the two terms are synonymous. However, palliative care is different than hospice. All hospice care is palliative care, but all palliative care is not hospice.