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Blog: Hospice Views

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Vote Now for Your Favorite Social Worker

As Americans, we love to vote, to choose our favorites. Crossroads Hospice is giving you your chance to vote for your favorite nominee as part of our Caring More Award Community Favorite. All the nominees are terrific social workers making a difference in their communities.
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Presidents with Heart Problems

Today, Presidents’ Day, marks the annual celebration of all U.S. presidents from the past, as well as the present. Originally, it was celebrated on the birthday of our first-ever president, George Washington: February 22. Today, it’s a day to celebrate his birthday, as well as remember the lives of the 44 presidents who have passed since.
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A Heart for Hospice: Volunteer Matchmakers

When someone fills out an application to volunteer as a Crossroads Hospice Ultimate Giver, they include a few notes about themselves -- their talents, jobs they've had or have, and what they enjoy. Recently, we came across an application that described an applicant as a retired Vietnam War Veteran who had free time in the afternoons. With those key details, our Volunteer Manager began to work her magic, matching him with a terminally-ill Veteran in his community who could use companion visits.
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Caring More: Honoring Leading Social Workers

Imagine dedicating your career to some of the most difficult moments in a person’s life. Being the one to guide patients through the progression of their illnesses, to explain to family members what it means to deal with a terminal disease, to secure resources for patients, to visit the community and advocate for the underserved. That means making a decision to care more, every day, without expecting a reward.
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Love: What Matters Most at End-of-Life

“All you need is love, love; love is all you need.” The Beatles song reckons that what matters in life is love, and Crossroads Hospice, after 20 years and caring for tens of thousands of patients and families, has to agree.